2009 Sun 22nd Nov Ready: System Monitor 3.5

Posted by System Monitor

The final version of System Monitor 3.5 ( has been compiled today. release dates: [ulist] [*] Developer Beta/RC Update - [i]23.11.2009[/i] [*] Professional / Professional Plus Editions - [i](26.11.2009)[/i] [*] Basic Edition / [b]GA[/b] - [i]not available[/i] [/ulist] [url="http://system-monitor.org/sm35-preview/"]List of changes[/url] [color=red]UPDATE: System Monitor 3.5 ( causes troubles on some systems, that's why won't reach GA. Nevertheless the Professional Editions can update to 3.5 anymore. The next public version will be 3.6.[/color]

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