2009 Mon 5th Oct UPDATE: System Monitor 3.1 - renamed and rescheduled

Posted by System Monitor

The System Monitor update (formerly known as System Monitor 3.1) has been renamed into System Monitor 3.5. Why? Because of nearly the whole gadget logic behind the scenes has been replaced. The new version doesn't have a lot in common with v3.0. But I think nobody will be bothered by this. Then I have two more news, a good and a bad one. Let's start with the bad news: The update has been rescheduled. Actually the update should be published in the middle of September (I know, it's already October), now I have sometime between mid and end of October in focus. Sorry, but as I already said, the whole logic has been changed into multithreading technology to improve the gadget's peformance. At the beginning, the gadget crashed every few seconds, I want to be sure, that all problems has been resolved before release v3.5. Now you might ask yourself, what the good news could be... I already announced support for Intel CPU and nVidia GPU temperature. In v3.5 the "Temperatures" box will be renamed into "Sensors" and show all system temperatures, voltages and fan speeds! Don't believe me?

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